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Benefits to Live Your Best Life

As an employer of choice, keeping Valero at the top of its game is important. Doing so requires a customized, comprehensive menu of resources for our greatest asset -- employees -- and their families.

From physical and mental health to financial stability and professional development, Valero provides real-world options to choose well, live well and be well in their careers and in life.

*Highlights of U.S.-based Benefits are listed below. (Subject to Availability by Work Location & Eligibility)

Health & Welfare Benefits

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Valero's unique benefits structure empowers employees with the flexibility to customize their benefits package to meet personal and family goals in any given year. Valero's benefits options provide for employees at all stages of life, in and out of the office. Highlights include (subject to site availability/eligibility):

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    Comprehensive Health and Wellness Package

    Valero provides comprehensive health and wellness coverage, including Medical Benefits and Prescription Drugs; Dental and Vision coverage; and Life and Disability Insurance. Depending upon employee elections, Valero Provided Dollars also may be contributed to Flexible Spending Accounts (Health and Dependent Care); Health Savings Accounts; the purchase of Legal Coverage and more.

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    Valero Provided Dollars (VPDs)

    Actual dollars provided annually in addition to base salary to use toward the cost of coverage of pre-tax benefits. Employees annually receive enough VPDs to cover the full cost of certain benefits for themselves and their family.

    *This benefit is subject to work location availability & employee eligibility. 

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    Wellness Assessments

    Annual, confidential wellness assessments help proactively identify health issues. Free to employees, and at a reduced rate for spouses and partners. 

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    Employee & Family Wellness Centers

    Onsite clinics at many Valero locations provide primary and preventive care to employees, as well as weight management, smoking cessation programs and, in limited cases, an onsite prescription delivery program. In San Antonio, dependents covered under one of the Valero-sponsored UnitedHealthcare medical plans are also eligible to utilize Valero's onsite Family Wellness Center, which includes the services of a full-time pediatrician.

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    Onsite Fitness Center or Subsidy

    Onsite Fitness Centers at many Valero sites offer state-of-the-art equipment, group classes and onsite instructors. Locations without onsite Fitness Centers offer employees a monthly subsidy to join local gyms and online workout programs. 

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    Real Appeal

    Valero brings a user-friendly weight management program to employees companywide at no cost through a partnership with Real Appeal. 

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    2nd MD

    Employees and their eligible dependents can connect by phone or video free of charge with a network of 400+ specialists for advice on medical conditions, existing treatment plans, a new medical diagnosis or surgery recommendations.

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    Valero is proud to offer support and vital resources to all employees through a fast, free, confidential employee assistance program to help manage challenges in relationships, personal finances, child care and elder care, substance abuse and recovery, and stress. Professionally trained consultants and online support offer easy access. 365 days a year.

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    Onsite Child Care (San Antonio)

    Valero is proud to provide support to working parents through a state-of-the-art, licensed and NAEYC-accredited childcare center on campus.

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    Backup Child Care, Tutoring and Other Services

    Valero employees have access to back-up childcare, nanny, sitter, and tutoring services at a special rate.

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Wealth and Recognition

From pension and 401(k) security to financial wellness education, all employees have access to valuable wealth-building resources. Whether during your career or in planning for retirement, Valero's diverse rewards portfolio offers a menu of support that touches every aspect of life. Highlights include (subject to site availability/eligibility):

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    Valero Thrift Plan - 401(k)

    Valero that helps employees save for retirement, matching dollar for dollar up to 7% of eligible compensation. Valero's matching contributions vest immediately, and there is no waiting period to begin making contributions. 

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    Valero Pension Plan

    Valero provides an exceptional Pension Plan at no cost to employees to boost financial security in retirement. Employees are automatically enrolled after one year of service and are fully vested after three years of service.

    *This benefit is subject to work location availability & employee eligibility. 

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    Other Financial Benefits

    To recognize and assist Team Valero in achieving important personal and financial goals, the company offers the following*:

    • Financial Wellness Education Workshops
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Valero Scholarship Program (for children of Valero employees)
    • Family Gift Program
    • Adoption Assistance
    • Valero Discount Program
    • Retirement and Service Awards
    • VAL-U Employee Suggestion Program
    • Employee Referral Program
    • Appreciation Activities

    *Benefits subject to work location availability & employee eligibility

Leave Benefits

Valero employees are afforded a range of leave options to best meet their personal situation, from family illness and parental care to military leave and disability. Providing peace of mind and support for employees is central to Valero's commitment to employees as the company's most important asset.

Valero's Leave Benefits include (in part, subject to site availability/eligibility):

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    Holidays & Vacation

    Valero observes 10 holidays a year. Days may vary at each Company location.

    New hires are eligible to receive a prorated amount of vacation based on their date of hire for their first year of employment. Vacation accrual will begin the first of the month following the date of hire.

    After the first year of employment, vacation is awarded based on years of service in a scheduled range of 2 to 6 weeks annually. Certain employees may have prior employment experience recognized as service for purposes of vacation at the time of hire.

    During the Annual Open Enrollment period, certain employees may be eligible to buy or sell vacation for the coming year.

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    Childbirth Leave & Parental Leave

    Childbirth Leave: Eligible birth mothers receive up to 11 continuous weeks of paid time off for childbirth and recovery. Employees must be full time and have completed 90 days of continuous employment with Valero prior to the child's date of birth.

    Parental Leave: Provides eligible parents of newborn children or recently placed children (legal guardianship or adoption) up to five days paid time off for bonding.

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    Military Leave of Absence (MLA)

    Valero provides subsidized pay and Military Leaves of Absence to employees who serve in the uniformed services. Leaves of absence are aligned with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 and applicable state laws.

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    Other Short-Term Leave Benefits

    • Occasional Absence
    • Family Illness Leave
    • Short-Term Disability
    • Family & Medical Leave (FMLA)
    • Industrial Injury Leave
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    Other Leaves of Absence

    • Paid Holidays
    • Funeral Leave
    • Jury Duty/ Civic Duty
    • Personal Leave of Absence (PLA) 
    • State or Local Leave of Absence
Wellness in All Ways


Valero employs a pay-for-performance compensation philosophy for professional employees that emphasizes differentiated pay based on employee performance and contributions to company success.

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    Base Pay

    Exceptional Valero employees can expect a compensation package that is not only competitive, but also reflects their high performance and unique contributions to the company. Valero’s base salary is based on competitive market analysis and individual experience and capabilities. 

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    Discretionary Bonus Awards

    The Annual Bonus Award is driven by a personalized ‘Performance Management’ program that celebrates team members who contribute to Valero’s success and exceed performance expectations. 

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    Discretionary Restricted Stock Awards

    Restricted stock awards provide an opportunity for long-term value creation and alignment of employee actions and contributions with the interests of Valero’s shareholders. Eligibility is based on position and job level.