Exceptional in Action

The same strong hands that make our operations safer, cleaner and our processes reliable, work hand-in-hand to produce excellent results in the right way, hold each other accountable and reach into the community to make a lasting impact.

“What really sets Valero apart in our employees are two things: One, we look for the right people with the right core competencies. Then two, we really create a culture of TEAMWORK and EXCELLENCE, and we hold on to that culture.”

Mark W. Senior Manager, Territory Sales

Our Culture is Rooted in Six Key Values

Smiling Operator in front of a refining unit, as a screen shot from video

Experience Team Valero

"We are always open to considering better and SAFER ways of doing any task. We always look for improvements in our processes, and we work in an environment that welcomes new ideas."

Mariana W. Manager, Turnaround Planning

"My kids really know that I’m always doing something with Valero from a CARING standpoint, and they actually look forward to going to the volunteer events with me.”

Eric B. Refining VP & General Manager

“What I really like about Valero is that people are very approachable. Any question is always welcome. Everybody is trying to get to the same goal, and it’s so much easier to achieve that through TEAMWORK.”

Angelica D. Sr. Refinery Optimization Planning Engineer
Valero Volunteers smile as they work on a volunteer project.

Caring for Our Communities

Valero’s existence has been based on a commitment to community. A pledge to stand as a partner in all areas where we operate and to make a lasting impact. 

Explore Valero’s exceptional heart.

"At Valero, we believe in ACCOUNTABILITY for our customers and for each other. We are clear on our expectations, open in our communication, and we practice blameless problem-solving to ensure that we are accountable to each other."

Alex M. Director, Accounting