Why “If my love were”???

e3aaf069d223ee8d77678af2539022ad_w5zt    I married my husband Terry on March 25, 2008. It was a Tuesday.  I have always liked that about my wedding – it was on a Tuesday – no one gets married on a Tuesday!  But we did! I’d love to say that I am some type of wedding planning rebel – that it was a leap into romance that said the traditional Friday night or Saturday afternoon be damned because my love will not wait until the weekend but that, alas, was not the case.  We eloped during Spring Break – I was a high school history teacher at the time and had the week off – we were going to tack on a couple days of a “honeymoon” after the big day and it was cheaper to stay at the Rockcliffe Mansion in the middle of the week.  Romantic, huh?

What does that story have to do with what I chose to name this blog?  Not much, I just think it is a funny story – and as NOT romantic as it is – my husband IS romantic and has the heart of a poet.  He is also hilarious and goofy and one of the few people that can make me laugh when I really don’t want to.  He is the inspiration for the naming of this blog. We figured out pretty quickly in our dating relationship that we loved each other – we met in November and married in March, so we definitely were on the fast track (but when you know, you know, right?).  Since the beginning of our loving each other, our telling of that love to each other would go something like this…

Terry: “I love you”

April: “How much?”

Terry: “If my love were….”  Followed by a completely ridiculous litany of something grandiose and impossible to achieve – for example, from this year’s Valentine’s Day card…”If my love were a Valentine’s Day card, it would be so big it would take a stadium full of people to open it and the air movement from said opening of said card would change the course of the jet stream!”

See – romantic, poetic, hilarious AND goofy – I got the whole package in that one!

When trying to come up with a creative name for this blog that would say what it is and why it is, I just kept coming back to that line…If my love were…I want this to be a ridiculous, grandiose, nearly impossible to achieve endeavor. I want to be as creative as the 1,000s of “If my love were” statements my husband has given to me.  I want to imagine the “if” in each story.

So there you have it. Romantic and quirky – kind of like getting married on a Tuesday.



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5 thoughts on “Why “If my love were”???

  1. You should write more. This is very enjoyable, April. I think Terry must be a bunch of fun. How is Arden? I guess I was wrong about seeing her on tv, as I have never seen it again. If it wasn’t her, she has a cute twin.


    1. Thanks Uncle Rick! Terry is a hoot…stay tuned for more about our adventures! Arden is good…if there is another one of her out there, heaven help us all!


  2. Terry is one of the greatest individuals I know. I’m so happy you guys have found each other. You are a beautiful family. We talk about him all the time and now our stories aresprinkled with April and Arden. So blessed to have you all in our lives.

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