Just Call Me Twinkle Toes (Episode 3)

0228171734The last week has been a whirlwind – so I haven’t had much time to think about dance class, let alone practice any of the “moves” we learned last week.  So, I will do my best to recollect as many details as possible (I really should write these things the day after the event, not the week after – but I digress).

I am happy to report we were on time, (even a couple minutes early) but that is about the end of what I’m happy to report.  Our Rumba did get a little better, but I think the Fox Trot is a lost cause.  We just can’t get the foot work down – and since you dance it in what is called “line of dance” in a wide circle around the room – we are the ballroom dancing equivalent of a bumper car.  AND since I am dancing BACKWARDS, I can’t see people behind me and I end up stepping on some unsuspecting gentleman who is dancing FORWARDS and therefore can’t see me coming.  It is all rather unfortunate.

I never did get any better at the Rumba turn – I still look like a chicken with broken legs. I did, however, wear better shoes this time.  Well they were sort of better because they didn’t keep falling off every time I turned, but they were tennis shoes so they didn’t slide very well and I felt a bit like I was clomping through cement.  I suppose that is why two things are true of actual real-life ballroom dancing:

  1. You dance on a wooden dance floor – not carpet.
  2. Women wear dancing heels – not street shoes.

We did have some success with the Waltz running step – which is a LOT faster than the normal Waltz walking step and then we do a little turn – it was ok. I wouldn’t say it was good – but I didn’t fall down – so there you go.

The Swing step was fun for me but not as fun for T because he has to “swing” in place while I do a turn – and that is an awkward thing to do.  Oh and the Mac the Knife song was back – so that was ridiculous.

Tonight is our 4th and final class. I am hopeful we will do a bit better on some of the things we were taught last week and finish strong. We had some pretty severe storms here last night and none of us slept well.  I have a sinking suspicion neither Terry nor I will have long-suffering attitudes this evening.  He better NOT say I am doing well and make me trip all over my feet!  I don’t see good things coming from that.

That’s all for this time – this is kind of like the middle episode of a mini-series – necessary but not as engrossing as the ones before and after – at least I hope that is true.

See you next week!

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