30 Day Challenge – Day 23

Day 23 - Amusement Parks - I don't know that they are all that amusing. Erica and I took the girls to Busch Gardens today. I'm not sure I have the energy to talk about the experience in much depth. Suffice it to say, I think the days of me enjoying schlepping around several acres of... Continue Reading →


30 Day Challenge – Day 22

Day 22 - Sunshine, sunsets, dance parties and food Our days have been full (warning:  this is the "wish you were here" post). We've had amazing weather, beautiful and sunny days, cools and breezy nights and lots of quality time (though sometimes the quality came with some fighting). We spent today celebrating Memorial Day at... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 21

Day 21 - The joys of sleeping or not We are in day 2 of our girls' trip and the sleep deprivation has begun to set in for me. The first night the girls woke up at 6 a.m. Last night they couldn't make it happen in the same room so I slept with Arden... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 20

So it was a day of wrangling a 5 and 7 year old, so I don't have much of substance to add. I  am incredibly sunburn and exhausted but none the worse for wear. So all is good I really have nothing to write except that this is the first time in nearly 10 years... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 Future's so bright...   I am writing this at 30,000 feet and on my tablet and I am using my index finger to type on the screen. So I am saying this will be short. We are headed to Florida and I am happy to report there have been no major mishaps  thus... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 18

Day 18 – Wonderfully Made First, let me say sorry about yesterday’s cop-out post – I wasn’t feeling well and crashed right after dinner, but I didn’t want to not post since I said I would every day for a month, so I woke up a little after 9 and threw the nuclear option post... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 17

Day 17 Yeah, I've got nothing. 30 Day Challenge Count Down Days Complete - 17 Days to Go - 13

30 Day Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 - Where is everybody?   I am a fan of the This American Life program on NPR, and today at work I was listening to this week’s installment.  The topic was Fermi’s Paradox.  In a nutshell, Fermi’s Paradox is the discussion of the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence of and probability... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 - When Life Gives You Lemons and Limes Have I mentioned I am a functioning hypochondriac? If that is really a thing, then I for sure have it. I can diagnose myself with nearly any malady known to man. If I watch a show and a character has a heart attack, my left... Continue Reading →

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