A Nose is a Nose is a Nose

When I was the mother of a toddler, I was always on the look out for potential swallowing hazards. I was very vigilant about making sure that there weren't little things lying around that Arden could pick up and eat or stick in her ear or her nose. I kept doors shut and cabinets locked... Continue Reading →


Where are My People???

I've been meaning to sit down and write a post for about a week, but life has been...well life, and it just hasn't happened. I had this great idea for a post about some "favorite things" - I've even been taking pictures - so, you know I'm not messing around here!  But that post will... Continue Reading →

My Kingdom for a Cup of Water

  We've been having some power issues at the house for the last few weeks. There is something going on under ground that is causing a loss of connection of power to our house and a couple other buildings on site. I wrote a few weeks ago about the loss of power and then again... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 - That's a wrap, folks Well friends, we've made it to the end of the challenge! I hope you've had fun reading along - I will admit that a couple of the days I didn't really feel like writing anything at all, but I am glad that I did!  Your encouragement really meant... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 29

Day 29 - The night the lights went out in Petersburg There was a power outage in New Salem tonight. It occurred approximately 30 minutes after I put away a couple hundred dollars of groceries, because that is just the way our luck goes these days. I was amazingly calm. Maybe all this fresh air... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 28

Day 28 - I hate ducks I know, that sounds like a strange thing to hate, but I really have never liked ducks.  First they smell terrible; second they leave droppings all over the place; and third when I was a child we used to go to a sunrise Easter service by a lake in... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 27

Day 27 - My Law and Order addiction Hello, my name is April and I'm a Law and Order addict. (Please respond with "Hello, April"). I seriously cannot get enough of this show. Every time I am scrolling through the TV menu and see Law and Order listed, I stop and watch.  It doesn't matter... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 26

Day 26 - In Just Under the Wire I am writing this at 11:08 p.m. central time. So technically, since I just arrived back home, I have made it in time to post on Day 26!  Gotta love a time change. We had a 2 hour flight delay and then an hour plus drive home... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 - Back to reality   Tonight is our last night in Florida. We spent the day in the sun so I am burnt again - but if it is your last day in the Florida sun, you don't take time for sun block - sun block is for sissies! I'm kidding of course,... Continue Reading →

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